Monday, December 3, 2007

#12 (Week 5) Roll your own Search Tool

A little confusing at first (probably due to fatigue on my part), but I got the hang of it. I am not sure that this program does as much as for me as my account, except that there is access to multiple sources from multiple people. Sometimes to much is not a good thing - or maybe it is?


Mrs. G said...

You know the saying that there is nothing new under the sun? When I explored Rollo, I couldn't think of creating any kind of search that hadn't already been done by someone else. I think this might be useful when doing research to see what sites someone else has put on their Rollo.

librarymum said...

Rollyo was interesting, and I did manage to create one and post it on my blog, but I wasn't too excited by it. After the CSLA conference where I was able to attend a session on creating Google custom searchs, I'm more impressed by the Google tool than by Rollyo. The Google tool limits your search to the sites you select and you can edit that list. I guess the Rollyo tool is great if you want to find out what others might have on the same subject or even add to yours.