Saturday, March 1, 2008

#21 (WEEK 9) Podcasts (No iPod Needed)

One of the only Podcast series I subscribe to right now is November Learning Podcast Series that can be downloaded for free from iTunes. Alan November is a public speaker who is dedicated towards supporting and challenging teachers and students to expand the boundaries of learning. I heard Alan speak at a technology conference last year and was inspired and educated throughout his presentation.

Alan has a series of Podcasts (free) to download on iTunes. I highly recommend them all, but will point out a 3:34 Podcast entitled - Rethinking Libraries of Today! In this Podcast Alan states. “The Library becomes more important than ever” when talking about education, technology, and information in a global society.

iTunes also hasa new feature called “iTunes U”. I was amazed with all of the podcasts, videos and Universities that were connected to this new feature. I was also pleasantly surprised at the price for downloads – “FREE”. Check it out – you don’t have to be a MAC user or even have an iPod to download these great resources. A computer with an Internet connection will get you in business.

KQED had some great Science videos, and also included the Arts, Science, Language Arts and How to create Digital Story Telling in a New Media Studies section.

You will need to download iTunes 7 on your computer if you don't already have it. ALSOCheck out the Podcasts section. There are all kinds of Educational podcasts for your professional development as well as use in your teaching.

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Thanks for the great suggestions for podcasts.